My Cultural Heritage & My Future

Erasmus+ project, KA2, Exchange of good practices
01-02-2020 to 31-01-2022
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Our project is situated in the context of the European Year of Cultural Heritage (as well as thinking about Rijeka that will be the European Capital of Culture in Croatia in 2020) and the contribution of Cultural Sector to the employment of young people. How is this project contributing to this main aim of the youth employment? Through a European platform with online tools for youth workers, employment agents and volunteers who work daily with young people.

For this reason, we identified the need to train youth workers, employment agents and even volunteers to equip them with the necessary tools to initiate and direct activities aimed at young people, such as employment workshops and personalized guidance. The project includes the exchange of good practices, the implementation of the network at European level to facilitate the work of young people with skills related to the cultural field, the training of youth leaders and the development of a European platform with online tools for youth workers and employment agents to inspire them and contribute to the dissemination of work on cultural heritage among young people.

The promotion of work in the field of cultural heritage is relevant, since statistical data show that young people are very motivated to use their energy and creativity to develop work related to European cultural heritage.

The transnational dimension represents the core of our project, because it offers the possibility for young workers from different parts of Europe to share experiences, learn what others do, think about how to adapt the methods of others in the workplace and implement their achievements.

To get the project objectives, we are six partners: Teatro Sol y Tierra from Spain, Diverse Youth Network Association from Hungary, Kocaturk Training and Consulting from Turkey, Regain from France, Meraki from Croatia and A.I.D from Greece. Among the six organisations we'll get our common aims and will help European youth because young people are, also, our heritage.


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