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Yoga Retreat
Sound resonance in the body, Contemplative song
Sesshin zen camp
Retreat\Stage : Biodanza in kind

Yoga Retreat

27 - 28 June, arriving Friday 18h - Saturday 09h
The Kolam Association is happy to offer you a yoga weekend with Mariedo Commins. The course is open to all yoga practitioners.
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Mariedo has been teaching yoga for 15 years and she participated in the creation of the Kolam Association and provides support for its activities. She provides weekly lessons, workshops, internships and private lessons. Her teaching is distinguished by the precision of the adjustements, the particular listening given to the sensations as well as personalized care.

Saturday 27 June
09h00 - 12h00: Postural practice 16h30 - 19h00: Postural practice
Sunday 28 June
08h30 - 09h30: Pranayama 10h00 - 11h30: Postural practice 15h30 - 17h30: Restorativ practice


2 day full board and teachings 200€ members, 220€ non members Deposit: 40€ upon registration, check payable to the Kolam Association (non refundable)

Registrations (if possible before 15 May):

Registrations will be taken according to the order of arrival. You can now register by filling in the application form and sending it with your deposit check.
Association KOLAM, La Peyssine – 34570 Pignan

Sound resonance in the body, contemplative song

27 July - 1 August
Work on sound resonance in the body, fine perception of vibrations, deep sound awareness, listening and emission of harmonic sounds, natural intonation (not tempered).
Harmonize and celebrate our diversity while revealing the unique musicality of each person
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On this basis of fine perception and correct intonation, we will approach some songs from the ancient contemplative repertoire (Latin, possibly in Greek, Sanskrit, but also in French). A practice in the resonance of a church is envisaged. This course is open to everyone, to those who have never sung, at to professional musicians. By the finesse of listening and the interiority focus of this work, like no other.


Pedagogy : 250 € Reduced price : 200 € Full board : 205 € all inclusive

Hours of stay:

Arrival Monday 27 July 2020 at 14H00 and departure Saturday 1 August 2020 after the lunch

Information & registration:

Loic Dorange
Marie Andrée BREMONT

Sesshin Zen Camp

6 - 14 August 2020, arriving 5th evening
With Zen monk Edouard Bagracbski, former disciple of master Deshimaru
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5 days of preparation ZAZEN, SAMU and activities 1 evening party 1 day of rest 2 and a half days of Sesshin Friday August 14 at 11 a.m. - ordination ceremony for monks, nuns and Bodhisattva


340€ accomodation and food included

Information & registration (before August 3):

Association Zen Vie Quotidienne 14 Rue de la gazelle 43000 le Puy-en-Velay 06 75 87 62 15 - 06 33 26 92 89

Biodanza in kind

20 - 23 August
A unique and timeless immersion
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Live the Biodanza with music: outside sounds and songs, our voices, our percussion, our breaths and silence.
Re-tame our instincts, our organic rhythms, live simply and divinely.
Eat when hungry, rest when you need it, dance when it reaches out to you.
Love, beyond the human, because when we come into contact with nature, we never feel alone.
Explore our creativity alone and in connection with others.

Biodanza, before being a reflection, is a dance and instantaneous implication in the relation to our environment. She works for a relational intelligence, putting life at the center.

Hours of stay:

Prices and registration:

320€ all inclusive and after the 12 July 2020, 360€ Friendly Wednesday evening meal
Everyone brings something to share


Frank Poirot:
The full description of the event can be found on the Biodanza web page.