Welcome to the dedicated website of Regain association

Our place

REGAIN is located at La Borie Noble, a vast wilderness located high in the hills of the Languedoc region: forests, springs, rivers and meadows surround us making this a place of great beauty. The community consists of four buildings of stone, multiple workshops for creative pursuits, a library, a farm and a laundry.


Regain Association (Law 1901) is a collegial association without a political or religious attachment. We aim to promote empathetic communication, cultural development and self-knowledge while working with the utmost respect for the environment.

The association tries to achieve its objectives by organising meetings, internships and training, discoveries of nature, cultural events, exhibitions, and visits.

The Members

Today, in Regain, we are a community group of seven adults of different nationalities, and two teenagers, surrounded by friends and volunteers. We lead a simple life of sharing and mutual aid in the different works of the land, the crafts, the bakery and the house. We favour manual work, creative expression and relationship, a spirit of service, a sense of consciousness and respect for life in all its forms. We are vegetarians.


The welcome

We are happy to welcome people of different horizons : wwoofers, volunteers, friends, groups of interns and people within the framework of the Erasmus+ exchange. We offer people who visit us the chance to experience the dynamics of living together and to share the rhythms of the daily activities which interlace work, meetings, times of relaxation, and festivals.


Our routine

We begin our day with a meeting which often includes singing, reading a text, or sharing a meditation followed by the organisation of the activities for the day. We continue our morning by helping in the kitchen in a friendly atmosphere with the preparation of the daily meals before we start our tasks. We meet again at 1 pm for a community lunch and finish this time by helping with the dishes!

During the day, we try to remind ourselves to live in the present moment during our activities.

We usually work for 5 hours on Mondays to Fridays with some exceptions on Saturday mornings if help is needed in the bakery. On Saturday, we also have festive lunch where we invite friends and neighbours to join us, in the evening we have a dance with folk dances from around the world and international music. Everyone is free to meditate or practice yoga, or another discpline, in our main room.

Here are some examples of our daily acivities: weeding and harvesting the garden or greenhouse, preparing conserves of sauce and marmelades, making and storing hay, wood work, baking bread, helping in the kitchen, and small household tasks. There is also a cultural dimension at the heart of our collective: the songs of all traditions, dance, music, theatre, and the celebration of différents parties and festivals during the year. We are constantly evolving as a group and individually, sharing with younger generations the joys and challenges of living together.

What we want to live

Our main aim is to be open to mutual support and dialogue in respecting the environment and all beings, as well as increasing awareness in the use of natural resources with a coherent approch to life.